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Online or Agency, Agency or Online

Online or Agency, Agency or Online:

That is the question…

Or at least that was the question hubbie and I asked ourselves over eight years ago when we decided to go the Au Pair route!

How did we make a decision?

Well, we followed a simple PROS and CONS process and it became clear from the beginning that sourcing our Au Pairs from a reputable on-line sourcing site would be the most appropriate for our family.

Why? It simply works for us:

  1. It gives us the flexibility to look for the right profile among a very wide database of candidates from all over the world (vs. agency sourcing where you are dependent on the number of Au Pairs that have registered with each individual agency).
  2. It gives us the option to shortlist what we feel are the best candidates based on our family requirements.
  3. It allows us to select & interview the candidates we believe are the best fit.
  4. It provides us with the flexibility to arrange as many Skype/WhatsApp interviews as we feel necessary until we get “THE feeling” and finally agree on who will be our Au Pair for the next year.

In saying all that, it is also true that the process of finding the right Au Pair via an online source can seem daunting and intimidating and may not be for everyone.

Through the years I have come up with the process that works best for us – stay tuned as I will soon share more details with you!