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The best at things have always been beginners at first!

The best at things have always been beginners at first!



Needless to say that I am a very proud mother.

Proud of my two little munchkins that surprise me each and every day with their wit, their simple and very often accurate way of looking at and seeing things (sometimes I wish I could see the same things too!) and  their insatiable want to learn and achieve.

I discovered this piece of paper on my nine year old’s bedside locker when I was giving her a good night kiss one night last week (ignore misspelling please!). The past couple of weeks have been somehow stressful for her (which is unusual) so I commented on what she had written, something along the lines of “ wow, this is a very inspirational quote, love”.  She simply replied: “Yes, I know Mammy. And it is so true.”

I gave her a big hug and went downstairs. Somehow, I realised the moment I had just shared with my daughter was definitely one of “those special moments”.

It made me realise that we both share the same fears, the same desire to achieve, knowing that we are not there yet;  that we are not born with knowledge, we learn along the way; that we are always beginners and that we will get there, wherever it is where we want to get to.

So this is a new beginning for me, a path to hopefully realise “my best”, a path of learning and new beginnings that I will be sharing with my nine and six year olds.

I feel enormously proud and here’s to new beginnings for all!