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Training your Au Pair

Has your new Au Pair arrived?

You find yourself with little or no time for training?

Well, that is exactly how we have felt in our family for the past number of years!

Our family has been hosting Au Pairs for the past eight years, since our first little munchkin turned 1. The first few weeks, or what I like calling the “#adaptation period”, is never easy.

We all have very busy lives (working full time, having one million things to get done before the kids get up, and before we pick the kids up from school, and after we pick the kids up from school, and while the kids are at home, and at the weekends).

It is hard to juggle everything and try to fit training your Au Pair in even though you know that the first few days are key to the overall Au Pair experience.

In between juggling work with being a parent we also need to find time to train our Au Pairs as they are the ones that will be looking after our most precious for the duration of the school year, or the summer months.

Surely, we need to invest our time in training them properly so they can do a great job and we can relax knowing that our kids are safe and happy, don’t you think?

Well, as lovely and easy as it may sound, too often we are simply not able to spend quality time training them in at the beginning of their stay because of our busy lives (working, managing a household, being a parent).

Training is the Top Priority in our family

In our family spending time training our Au Pairs at the beginning of their stay has always been a top priority – we see this time as an investment in the happiness of our family and has always proven to be time well spent.

Do you also see it as an investment? How do you manage the first few days? More posts to follow!

Happy Au Pair = Happy Kids = Happy Family!